June 03, 2020

Welcome to our blog #LM Style - it's great to see you! 

We are two childhood friends who have grown up together and share a passion for travel, food (such as these amazing cupcakes we had from Swirlz Cupcakes on a trip to Chicago! Give them a try if you're in the area, you won't be disappointed) photography and design. Over the past 20 years, Lolita (an experienced Graphic Designer and Teacher) and Maria (a qualified Marketing Manager with a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics) have traveled the world and been inspired by its endless exciting visuals; the wonders of nature, the ingenuity of beautiful architecture, and a fascination for people, cultural experiences and the simplicity of everyday life. These are the moments that have given us our subject matter and helped create our unique memories.

So, with thousands of travel memories and family photographs captured in our phones, we have designed and produced our very own photobooks and wall art for many years. It’s a super convenient way to “tell the story” of our memories and to always remember and celebrate the amazing adventures we’ve had. ‘And what better way to share our memories with our families and friends than with a stack of photo books on our coffee table and wall art adorning our homes!’

But it takes time to do this yourself, so photographs often stay trapped in your phone, living idly on social media feeds or even in boxes locked in cupboards for the old-school among us!! That’s why we created Visual Memories Worth Keeping, so we could help everyone share their memories in a forever keepsake. We aim to provide a personalized, stress-free and easy way for you to transfer your photos from your device (or box!), into your hands and up on your wall with customised professional designs using high quality materials.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering beautifully designed, unique printed products, turn your photographs into Visual Memories Worth Keeping…

Want to know more About Us?

Put us together and….Yin and yang, right? 

It may seem that way but, in fact, even though we have lived on two separate continents for many years of our adult lives somehow, when it comes to travel (and working together), we just click! Rather than being opposing forces, we complement each other’s strengths with balanced and thoughtful points of view. Why? Well let us tell you a little about our backgrounds. Born in Australia of immigrant parents (Greek, Croatian and Ukrainian) each of us possesses an innate sense of wanderlust. Having grown up in bilingual homes we have a strong sense of our heritage and an appreciation for different cultures which has fueled our passion for traveling the world (PS. Did you know that travel is good for your health? Check out our blog for the top 6 reasons why travel is good for you!)

As we’ve mentioned. we share a passion for travel, food, design and photography and have captured thousands of photo memories that we want to share with our friends and families (and now you!!). We don’t look too hard to find these moments, we just look! It’s all out there to be captured, enjoyed and shaped into great memories. We are not professional photographers by any means. We, like most of you, use our smartphone cameras when travelling (can’t beat convenience!). You don’t need to rush out and buy expensive equipment (and lug around heavy cameras) to produce amazing photographs!  With a little bit of know-how, and some practice, you too can make your travel memories truly special (for great tips, check our Click Tips guide before your next vacation!).

However, there are some things we like to think of as our yin & yang traits (expect more on these in another fun blog!)

coffee vs surplees
  glass half empty vs glass half full
  a love/hate relationship with Nutella!!


Over the years roaming the world, we’ve picked up so many tips and tricks for making travel as easy and enjoyable as possible. Now we would like to share these with you in our new lifestyle and travel blog! Before having the opportunity to share your adventures, you must make them, right?! So that’s where #LM Style steps in! 

We would love to help you with your travel dreaming and planning so that you can make the most of your adventures!

So, what are we like as travellers and what can you expect from this blog? Good question! 

The things we love to do when we travel (other than take loads of photos!!) are:

Get out there and connect with locals in the local area (we love organised tours run by locals as a fabulous way to do this!)
Pound the pavement and explore (walk, walk, walk…. then do more walking!)
Entertainment experiences such as live shows, festivals, concerts, comedy nights and sporting events… the list is endless!! (there’s always something happening somewhere we can take part in!)
Discovering delicious food (ohhh, the food!!! And yes, we love good food, yummy food and even naughty food because, really, LIFE HAPPENS and it’s there to be enjoyed!!)

We can’t wait to tell you more….

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