October 10, 2018


In 2020, it is expected that over 1.4 trillion photos will be taken. Yes, we said TRILLION!! And an even more mind-blowing statistic is that over 90% of these photos will be taken with a smartphone.  It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to know a boom like this is due in part to the popularity of our social media sites that have come to tell the story of our everyday life (I mean, if it’s not on Instagram, did that trip really happen?). For more mind blowing statistics and some great advice on how to safeguard your photos, be sure to check out Mylio's blog. 

With so many hundreds of photos trapped in our phones, we've done the research to give you the top ten tips from professional photographers for how to get the most out of your phone's camera. Here's our Top 10 Tips for The Best Mobile Photography. So grab a screenshot because you are going to want to keep these handy when you travel and any time you want to take great photos!


Just like any good Boy Scout will tell you, being prepared will make all the difference! Having your device handy is essential to capturing that moment in time. You don’t have to carry your phone in your hand 24/7, but if you have to dig around in your backpack for your phone and then fumble around with unlocking it, you may just miss that perfect sunset, or that split second funny moment. Have your phone close at hand and know how to shortcut your device to be camera ready! A quick swipe of an iPhone screen to the left or a double tap of your Samsung’s power button or home key quick launches your camera! Now you’re ready to capture your memories at any given moment!


2. SNAP!! SNAP!! SNAP!!  (or click, click, click on your phone)

Don’t be afraid of happily snapping away! Take as many pictures whenever you want and of whatever you want (as appropriate of course, ask permission before photographing in sensitive places like religious sites and of locals!). 

You can’t turn back time so grab that pic NOW! You can always delete pics you don’t like later.


Any professional photographer will tell you, that the perfect light can make or break a great pic. Be aware of the light conditions around you because even unexciting compositions will be saved by great light!! 

See the light, but see the shadows too! These details can lift photos to next level awesomeness! Using the phone’s flash is not always the best option - most often natural light is the most flattering and best way to maintain correct depth of field.  Great photo’s start by staying as true to the natural light as possible.


Do a bit of research and know the good and not so good points of your phone as a camera. It’s not a DSLR and won’t have the complete capability of one. Even though most camera phones feature image stabilization these days, try to use both hands to hold your phone when taking pics for more stable, sharper photos, invest in a tripod or at minimum a selfie stick. 

For all the iPhones users out there, did you know that the physical volume buttons can act as your shutter, rather than the actual software shutter button? Or that when using your headphones, you can also use the buttons on that as a cable release and not have to touch the camera at all? Burst pic mode is launched when holding down the shutter button (instead of a quick press) so you don’t miss any of those great action shots. 

For our Android friends, one of the most convenient camera features of the Samsung is the ability to take a photo with your voice by setting up voice control in Settings. When the camera app is open, you can quickly switch between the front and rear camera mode by swiping the screen up and down or by double pressing the standby button. Or tap the leaf icon to enter the optical zoom mode or tap the icon with three trees in it to activate the wide angle mode (great for getting all the friends and family in the one pic!).

But even great pics can be ruined by dust or lint. Ensure the phone camera lens is clean with a quick wipe!


We said it before, we’ll say it again. The phone is not a DSLR, forget about using the digital zoom! Original and 2x zoom maintains the correct exposure, after that the phone heads into digital zoom which means the photo will lose precious quality. 

It’s easy to crop into and manipulate a pic later on. For sharper pics, zoom with your feet peeps! Walking closer to your subject may also help with your compositional photo skills – extra bonus!!


Filters can be a great way to add interest to photos to send to friends or share on social media, these can always be added and edited later. Of greater importance is knowing how to use your phone to control the settings and focus your subject correctly. Did you know if you hold and press down onto the iPhone screen when pointing the camera at your subject, you can control what you want the camera to focus on? A yellow square and AE/AF lock message will appear at the top of your screen - this tells you when the focus is locked and the camera will maintain it in that area until a photo is taken. So even if you move slightly, the camera will ‘focus’ in on that area. For more control of your camera learn how to adjust the exposure or control the focus to really improve the quality of your pics.


Be versatile!! Perspective is important. Get down on your knees, lay down on the ground, climb a ladder, tilt your viewpoint, go high, go low, go sideways, climb a tree (but stay safe peeps, no monkey business!). There are hundreds of possibilities for capturing another point of view of the same subject… try as many of them as possible!


Of course it’s important to capture pics of your family and friends (don’t forget your selfie!!) on your travels. We want to see you out there making memories to keep forever, that’s what it’s all about! But also keep in mind your surroundings. Landscapes, cityscapes and urban culture all make for interesting pics. Sure a pic of you with the wife and kids in front of the Eiffel Tower is a memorable moment! 

But what if you then got underneath the Tower itself, looked up and captured the pattern of wrought iron lattice or the luminous glint of the Parisian sun reflecting off of it? Great photos are interesting when they feature interesting subject matter and great composition. Light, shadows, perspective and focus are important details! Photograph reflections (they’re everywhere - in windows, puddles, water), take silhouettes, show depth in your photos by changing focus from foreground to background or vice versa, keep your composition simple, don’t over complicate! Shoot from a low or high angle (not only at eye level), capture detail close up, look for contrast in colours or textures, look through something towards your subject matter … be creative and have fun!!!


A warm meal tastes better than it looks! Put your phone away and enjoy the experience of those moments also! And whatever you do….. don’t sit at home!! Get out and explore the world whether it’s in your backyard or further afield. Make memories that are worth keeping!! Capture the specialness of YOUR life wherever you are, or whatever you are doing. If it is special to you, it’s worth capturing.

10. Help your photos come ALIVE!

Of course, one of the best ways to really save and celebrate your special memories is to share them!!
Get those pics out of storage in your phone and get them printed in unique, personalised and creative ways!

A photobook is a great way to tell your travel ‘story’ and you can include hundreds of those pics in the one photobook that will act as a fantastic conversation point on your coffee table! Or create stunning artworks of your travel photographs by having them printed as wall sets for everyone to “oohh” and “ahhh” over in your home! Don’t have the time for this? (Of course, you’re super busy catching up at work after that amazing trip!). VMWK offers you the option to include your personal photos in our My Travel Photos series or build your own personalised World Travel Map by choosing your favorite travel destinations. Our Travel Sets series offers ready to hang artworks from exciting destinations.

Visual Memories can help you create these keepsakes by doing all the hard work for you! Let us help you make your memories come alive with our unique products and service. It’s what we love to do!!


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