March 30, 2019

What sort of traveler are you?.....

The Backpacker? The Planner? The Family Guy? And what’s your favorite type of holiday? The Adventure Junkie? The Sipping Margaritas by the Pool Queen? The Disneyland Dreamer!! No matter what form your wanderlust takes, how you like to travel, or who you like to travel with, it’s always an adventure!

Mark Twain once wrote “Explore. Dream. Discover”. It is a wonderful gift to travel and experience more of the world and life. Now more than ever we appreciate and feel gratitude for all the beautiful moments we’ve enjoyed while traveling the world, and people who have shared in our experiences. For these reasons, research has shown that travelling is actually good for our physical and mental health. Think about it, while we’re planning a trip we’re excited and enthusiastically counting down the days. When we’re on that awesome vacation that took months to plan, we relax and enjoy meeting new people, eating mouthwatering food and discovering strange lands. And, after our adventure is done, in our hearts we miss home and are thankful to return to our loved ones and comfortable surroundings. Then we can start planning the next one!

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives is essential for our minds to clear out it’s overflowing cache and make new memories with the three most important R’s – Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate. Whilst we wait for the world to open up to international travel once more, be inspired with our top six reasons why you should feel great about that wanderlust yearning….

Be challenged!
Bilbo Baggins wasn’t daunted by his challenges on the road ahead when he declared “I’m going on an adventure!”- and neither should you be! Going travelling is about getting out of your comfort zone, getting lost in an unfamiliar city and among new people. Adapting and resolving these situations makes you resourceful and resilient! Engage with the local culture and become immersed in the challenges of doing something different – taste that scorpion in China, pray in that temple in India or give thanks with the locals to a patron saint in that festival in the small Italian town you happen across. Learning flexibility and patience can also make you emotionally strong – and that’s great for all areas of your life.

Travel is education
Sounds like the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” right? No you don’t have to give up months of your life to travelling, because even short adventures can benefit you by expanding your mind! When wandering this beautiful planet you will have ample opportunities to learn; learn about yourself, learn that you have skills you never knew you had, pick up a new language (or at least a “hello” and “thank you” in the local lingo), open your eyes to a culture that’s different to your own and make meaningful relationships which allows you to absorb the interconnectedness of all human nature. With so many ways to learn and so many subjects on offer (from geography, to history, politics, religion, sociology and economics), this is one classroom that’s always open to you and you don’t have to pass any test!

Find your confidence
Dealing with some of the stressful activities of travel is excellent for one thing in particular - adaptability. Despite the obvious obstacles, you figured out how to take public transport in Portugal or purchased deodorant in the little corner store in Mexico. The ability to meet those kinds of challenges, can give you the confidence to overcome any challenge back home in your own language! And you never know, your new-found self-confidence may just help you smash that presentation at work or ask for that promotion you have been working so hard for! What do you have to lose?


Happy heart, happy life!
What better way to boost your happiness than by stepping away from the daily grind? If you have ever read Paulo Coehlo's inspiring story of travel and following your dreams, The Alchemist conveys that “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” Reach for your dreams and be present in the now. Travelling and being open to new things, will help you find a passion for life and make you a more positive and genuinely happy human!

Go global!
Technology has made us global citizens. Like never before in our history, we are connected to each other in more ways than we ever imagined (with the exception of Steve Jobs who most likely anticipated it all!). Like it or not, the internet and social media is here to stay, and what better way to network than face to face? Being travel savvy and culturally sensitive may give you a competitive edge in your professional life too. We know travelling helps you gain problem solving skills and patience, it improves your communication skills having navigated your way around unfamiliar places in an unfamiliar language, it teaches you mental flexibility and just makes you a more competent and self-confident person. In short, the stress reduction and rejuvenation properties of travel can increase your creativity and make you more productive at work. It just makes good business sense to travel for fun!

Cool stories!
So what’s the best way to reap the benefits of travel? It’s creating those same feelings you experienced when you return home. Maybe you took part in a cooking course in Paris and prepare those same dishes at home for your friends and family. Maybe you went on a biking adventure and buy yourself a new bike to get around. All of these exploits have given you the coolest stories to share! What greater conversation starter than “When I did my laundry in the back streets of Rio….”, even the mundane and trivial things we do on vacation can be given that irresistible spin! It may have been stressful or challenging at the time, but with a bit of perspective back home, it becomes one of your favorite memories! Share them all!

You may have guessed that the team at Travel Memories love to travel and we hope we have inspired you to follow your dreams and travel the world! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and tick off those Bucket List destinations and experiences! We’ll be waiting right here for you when you return to help you share those magical new memories and the hundreds of new pics on your phone with beautifully designed photo books and wall art of your adventures (be sure to read our top ten Click Tips for on-the-go photography!) !

Whether you have traveled the globe or still dream to, you can still make your favorite destinations a feature in your home or office spaces with our Travel Series Wall Art or create your very own travel Photobook


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