FAMILY WALL ART - Souhaila style

May 03, 2021

How can you do something awesome with your family photos?

What is everyone talking about around Souhaila’s dining table? How exactly did she bring her family story to life? We’re glad you asked! Souhaila (one of our lovely and fantastic clients) got dozens of photos (77 to be exact!) of her very large extended family and created an incredible gallery wall of photo wall art! So do you have a talking point in your home? Where is your “WOW”? We asked Souhaila all about her experience transforming her family photos into wall art with VMWK and how she created her “WOW”. Find out what she told us……

Souhaila is an incredibly vivacious and friendly Account Manager living in Melbourne, Australia. Growing up in a large boisterous Lebanese family in Melbourne’s leafy suburbs, she cherishes her childhood! It was filled with large family get togethers celebrating everything from weddings, births, lots of Christmas Day’s, even more special birthdays, and large family gatherings just for the sake of spending time together! Her relationships with close friends and family mean the world to her! Keeping in touch with the special people in her circle and being across what's going on in their world is also very important. She loves to socialise and entertain, where she can cook up a storm of deliciousness (honestly, sooo much yummy food!), just as she enjoyed growing up!

Amongst all those wonderful family and friends, none mean quite as much to her as does her fabulous family of five. Together with her hubby, she has been bringing up her kids in the same family home for over 20 years. The house holds all the memories of her children and ALL those amazing family celebrations (in fact, they just recently celebrated the 18th birthday of her beautiful daughter there!). Love fills the house with warmth and light and is what makes it her “forever home”. It holds very special meaning to her, as does her family, and an entire wall filled with wall art of those family members can attest to that! We sat down with Souhaila to ask her a few questions about why she chose to create such an amazingly “WOW” talking point for her family home.

VMWK: Hi Souhaila! Thanks so much for joining us. So, can you tell us, what does your family mean to you?
S: Family is everything to me! It's at the very core of how I was raised, the values instilled in me, how I parent to my children and who I am today.

VMWK: And what made you decide to fill your wall with photo wall art rather than something more traditional?
S: There's nothing more that fills my heart and world than my family so it stands to reason that this is the BEST form of art in my opinion to fill our home and tell our story.

VMWK: Can we ask, what made you choose VMWK?
S: The perfectionism of VM! I have been following you on Instagram for some time now and I just love all the beautiful visuals that I am continually seeing. The designs look amazing and it inspired me to want to create something special in my home! I knew it would be quality all the way through! So I got on your website and started exploring!

VMWK: There are 5 style options at VMWK for wall art design. Which style of Wall Art did you select and why?
S: Image and Contrast. I love the look of the wall set on your website and I knew I wanted a mix of images with some presented in an understated and some in a vibrant manner. Love that combination.

VMWK: Ok, big question here, we know you have a big family…. so how did you choose what photos to provide VMWK?
S: Only an emoji with the rolling eyes can answer this one!! Hahaha!!! Honestly it was a family collaboration and WE ALL had input into what 'qualifies' for our wall and what should be culled. I'm actually so happy we did it this way as it's a story about ALL of our journey and I wanted everyone in our home to LOVE looking at it and to continue talking about it every night around the dinner table as we do.

VMWK: What a fantastic way to get everyone involved!! Can you describe what your experience ordering with VMWK was like?
S: The ordering process was very easy. Honestly, the only issues were with us - what photos to choose and what to leave out. I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted but I actually didn't! I had the best guidance and advice from the designer and, somehow, she knew what I wanted from the outset and presented it to me EXACTLY how I dreamed it would be but couldn't articulate properly. THANK YOU VMWK!

VMWK: And after you ordered your wall art, what happened then?
S: I was surprised with how easy the whole process was - from concept to finish! Also, the delivery time was much quicker than I had thought it would be! We had a slight issue with a few images in printing but it was dealt with in a super-efficient and professional manner. The turnaround time for the fix was incredible and I'm so grateful for the post sales assistance.

VMWK: How did you find the process of hanging your wall art?
S: We followed the VMWK advice and guidelines on how to hang our collection and while it took us a while (we had 77 images!) it all went really smoothly.

VMWK: Wow!! 77 wall art photo blocks are remarkable! What has been the reaction of family and friends to your wall?
S: THEY LOVE IT!! Everybody naturally gravitates towards it and the reactions are all wonderful - from emotional sentiments, to laughter, to happiness - it captivates everybody! Even though it's been up on our wall for a while now, every single day somebody will talk about a particular image and then spark a conversation about it. I don't think that will ever stop. It's our family's story that showcases some of our all-time favourite moments and it will never ever grow old. Honestly, it's a reminder everyday of what we have and how grateful we all are.

VMWK: Thank you so much Souhaila for taking time out of your day to answer our questions! We’re so pleased you are loving your My Family Photos Wall Art!
S: My pleasure. Sincerely I cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for us. I look forward to doing another wall art series as our experiences and family grow!

See how easy it can be for you to tell your family story and create your own “WOW” (even if your family is not as large as Souhaila’s!!) with VMWK’s My Family Photo’s wall art

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