November 02, 2020

Don’t leave your precious photos hiding in your phone! Let us create a photobook exclusively for your memories.



Great photobooks feature beautiful, seamlessly designed layouts that reflect your memories and tell a unique story of you. They require photos that capture all the details of what life has to offer and can include the people, the places, the food, and all the small yet fascinating details in between that make up the experience. It’s the skill and eye of the designer that brings all these elements to life in a cohesive and refined way. Have you ever said to yourself ‘I would never have thought to include that’ or ‘that looks so much better than what I ever could have imagined, WOW!!!’ That’s where Visual Memories excels! Our expert design team has extensive experience and training that influences what they observe and how they organize, represent, and interpret the information within your photos and memories; the small details, the balance and the perfect asymmetry. They utilise their years of experience to create an exclusive product just for you. 

This expertise enables the provision of high-quality service and outcomes. Which makes sense right? As consumers we expect nothing less than top quality from the people we trust with our needs. And we recognise that the knowledge experts have is quite different from our own novice knowledge. That’s why when our car has a major breakdown, we take it to a mechanic, or we hire an architect when renovating our house. Similarly, a bride planning her wedding hires a professional florist to create her bouquet and a trained dressmaker to create her perfect wedding gown. We trust in the expertise of professionals! 

At VMWK we have the skills and the know-how to create the perfect keepsake created exclusively for your memories. We offer a personal service that reflects the respect we hold for the power of your photos and your memories! There are no fiddly templates or generic layouts for you to manage. We do all the professional design for you, saving you the hassle of downloading software, trying to plan where and how to arrange your photos or simply even knowing where to begin! It’s a stress free and fun way to capture the stories of your life and your adventures! 

Make the decision to elevate your photos from the camera roll on your phone to a professional story that can be passed on through the generations to come. 

Like us on our VMWK socials and follow our easy 9 step challenge (check it out, it’s a lot of fun and an easy way to get you started on your custom photobook today!). Or locate our easy upload guide in the Help menu on our website and get started today!



Improving your own photography skills can help enhance the final interpretation of your story! You can develop your novice photographer’s eye in subtle ways which will help you capture your pics in more interesting styles! Many of us use our incredibly smart smartphones to take our photos with advanced camera technology that does most of the work for us. But there are a few tips and tricks to getting to know how to make the most of your phone and your mobile photography skills. We’ve asked our design experts to share their professional advice on what you need to know to help you improve your photo-taking skills so that you can get out there and practice, practice, practice! 

Check them out here! 
Click Tips and How to Take Good Photos blogs

HOW DO WE GET TO KNOW YOU? That’s easy! 

After you have placed an order, we work closely with you to get to know your personality and style by asking you to complete our Photobook Design Brief. It doesn’t take long and it’s easy to complete online! 

It provides us an invaluable insight into your colour preferences, design styles, and life experiences (to name a few!) and enables our design team to better understand you. Ultimately, this will help us know how to best capture your memories (and it’s a fun little exercise!). The Brief also gives you the chance to make special requests or let us know specific details of what you would like included in your perfect design. (Of course, you can always contact us via email or on our social media if you have any questions!). 

Once completed our design team take all this knowledge, your photos, and your product choices, and get to work designing your perfect keepsake. We liaise with you constantly throughout the process, and once a final layout is complete, you’re given the opportunity to make any minor adjustment you like (if any of course!) before approving your VMWK Photobook. 

It’s this level of service and pride in your finished product that separate us from the abundant drop & drag programs you can find online! Protect your memories with the respect they deserve at VMWK!

DID YOU KNOW? Our Hardcover books now include spine printing!

 Special Offer! 

When you purchase an additional copy of your custom Photobook (of the same design) at the time of ordering, you can get the 2nd copy at 50% off RRP!



When you purchase an additional copy of your custom Photobook (of the same design) at the time of ordering, you can get the 2nd copy at 50% off RRP!

Why order a 2nd photobook? Easy! 

A second copy of your Photobook makes a terrific gift for family or friends.

  • Celebrate your parents’ milestone wedding anniversary. 
  • Order an additional copy of a Photobook of your children as a Christmas  gift for grandparents! 
  • Reminisce over a fun-filled year with a Family Yearbook printed for each  sibling in the family!
  • An additional copy of the same travel Photobook means travel partners can each get a copy at a super affordable cost! 
  • Gift your baby’s Godparents with a copy of their Christening Photobook! 
  • A 21st Milestone Photobook is perfect for both Mum & Dad and the birthday boy/girl!   
  • Celebrate your child’s Graduation with a copy of their Photobook for the parents and the graduate! 

Gift someone special an additional copy of your photobook and save! 

For more information on book ordering and features, read below!



With a choice of style, size and additional optional extras, our designers will incorporate a personalised graphic theme to suit your photos and style. 

A VMWK Hardcover Photo Book is a traditional style, professionally bound book highlighted by premium quality paper pages to emphasise the graphic theme of the design. 


  • 25cm (10 inch) x 25cm (10 inch) size, 
  • High quality construction with 2.3mic greyboard hardcover case, 
  • Matte laminate film, 
  • 300gsm premium silk paper, 
  • PUR binding 
  • Spine title

Our contemporary style LayFlat Photo Book features a lay flat construction and premium press board pages which allow for single image printing across a double page spread. 


  • 25cm (10 inch) x 25cm (10 inch) size, 
  • High quality Layflat construction, 
  • 300gsm premium press board  
  • Matte powder coating 



If you discover that you need to purchase additional pages for your book (you have too many special photos to share) - no worries! Additional pages are available for both styles. 


Narrate the story of your memories (once you receive your copy) by adding notes and comments to the pages of your book with the addition of comment boxes. Only available in the Layflat Book style.



Handmade folding magnetic closure black gift box. 
Size: (h) 28cm (9.8”) x (w) 27.5cm (10.8”) x (d) 2.5cm (1”) 

Our Size Guide has all the info on specific image/page ratios.



20+ Pages

50 - 99 images (high res)

30+ Pages

100 - 149 images (high res)

40+ Pages

150 - 220  images (high res)


221+ images

Please contact: for costing

* Not all images provided can/will be used. 

Please allow for designer discretion.

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