April 04, 2021

The combination of travel and photography is one of our favorite ways to be inspired for design by capturing pics of our beautiful world. While Facebook has been teasing us with trips down Holiday Road (we love the memories that pop up each day!) and we’ve been able to turn to travel shows, films, and virtual experiences this year to keep wanderlust at bay, there’s simply nothing like the real thing! While we hope to experience more of the globe very soon, 2020 was the year the world went local. 

In Australia, we are fortunate to have an entire continent to explore! Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, Australians (and people around the world) have chosen to travel domestically, taking road trips, exploring small towns, scenic drives and nearby natural wonders and beaches. The trend for open spaces and nature is definitely continuing in 2021, and interest in international travel has increased following the news of vaccines. Road trips are expected to remain common (as they guarantee comfort and freedom for self-drive travellers) and homegrown group coach tours will also be popular. Cruise lines are reporting strong bookings for summer 2021 and airline travel is expected to pick up in the second quarter of the year, with international outpacing domestic travel. 

Adjusting to travel in a new era after such an unsettling period will require fine-tuning what we do and plan. We will need to learn to be more vigilant about checking travel websites to understand where we can safely go at any given time, wearing masks at airports, packing sanitiser and even carrying vaccination certifications. We will also need to embrace a sense of tolerance and develop (even more) patience - expect health and temperature checks, capacity limits at attractions, timed visits and meals and even quarantine. 

With the promise of a return to travel, don’t forget to look back (thanks again Facebook!) and celebrate the adventures you have already enjoyed! Whether that means creating photobooks or wall art with your own travel photos hiding in your camera roll, or by choosing to create a gallery wall of your favorite travel spots with VMWK’s Travel Series range. (Be sure to check out our “7 easy steps for how to hang your Wall Art” blog.  


At VMWK there are three distinct ranges of travel wall art prints. However, if it’s a travel photobook you’re after, don’t forget to check out our Photobook Blog  or Visit our website for more information.


  1. Build a photo gallery wall of your favorite travel destinations with our Travel World Map. Pick from the available designs of your chosen destinations and keep building the more you travel. 

  2. Choose from our professionally designed Travel Wall Art Sets. They feature a variety of ready to hang, unique multi-piece artworks from amazing countries and cities around the world! 

  3. Or select our My Travel Photos range (in the Design Your Own Photo Wall section). This collection is based on your personal travel photos artfully combined with our available destination designs (from our Travel World Map range)! 

Want to know more? For more details on the ranges and on available sizes, materials and ordering details, read on….


Wall Art can make a huge impact on your interior spaces! And there’s no better place than the walls of your home to showcase a gallery of your past adventures and add a little excitement into your rooms! Create an amazing talking point for your guests by showcasing all the bucket list travel destinations you’ve travelled to.

VMWK’s World Travel Map lets you start collecting destination designs to build your travel wall map now! Create a photo wall of all your favorite destinations and keep building the more you travel! Choose from available designs from destinations in North America like New York City, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Canadian favorites! Adorn the walls of your home in the classical cities of Europe including Paris, London, Rome and more! Our Oceania range features the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney and the tropical beauty of Fiji. Or choose from stunning Japan, China and India in our range of designs from Asia.


It’s so easy to do! 

First there’s a few choices to make…

  1. Choose your Product (2 options – set of 3 or set of 6) 
  2. Choose your Material (3 options – Al-core, PVC or Metal) & 
  3. Choose your individual Destination blocks (many options!!)
  4. Then just add to cart! 

Too easy!

What’s new in World Travel Map?

Did you know that Vancouver holds an annual street art festival? The
Vancouver Mural Festival started in 2016 to endorse local street artists, promote inclusivity and celebrate Vancouver’s cultural diversity! Transforming the beautiful streets of Vancouver into a colourful summer party, visitors can pick up a Mural Map and check out the over 150 murals for themselves! VMWK did just that on a recent visit to Vancouver in 2019! 

Check out our newest My World Map design for this amazing city where stunning nature meets a vibrant metropolis!


Who would have imagined we would all be looking forward to the day we head to the airport to wait uncomfortably in long queues, suffer from jet lag and deal with lost luggage! While we wait patiently for that day, you don’t have to wait to bring the world to you! 

Our Travel Sets are ready to hang multi-piece collages that have been professionally designed by our team of expert designers! Highlighting brilliant colors and minimalist modern interior accents, your artwork will resist fading and remain beautiful over time. The beauty of a multi-piece artwork is the flexibility it offers to display it tailored to your space! 

Invite the iconic images of one of the best cities in the world - the Big Apple
into your space with VMWK’s New York, New Day. Available in a set of 9 or 16 pieces in several materials and sizes, make it yours today! Are you dreaming of a trip to Los Angeles (Los Angeles Dreamin’)? Or choose from Australian locations such as cosmopolitan Melbourne (Made in Melbourne Travel Set) or beautiful Sydney by the bay (Sydney Blues). There’s also the beauty of European Italy (Classical Italy) and the exotic appeal of China (China Contrasts and Everyday China) to choose from. All travel sets are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. Get exploring now! 

Transform your space with our ready to hang Travel Sets!

Bring the classic beauty of Italy to your spaces with VMWK Classical Italy Travel Set. Home to tranquil cobblestone streets, romantic piazza’s and canals and historic ancient architecture, bring the cultural heart of Europe into your home! Featuring stunning images merged in black & white and muted Tuscan tones, Available in sets of 9 and 16 pieces, make it yours today!


Celebrate the special moments you’ve experienced through your travels by highlighting your treasured family memories forever! Don’t let Facebook tease you with your memories. Get your travel photos off your phone and onto your wall with VMWK’s My Travel Photos! Combine your pics with Visual Memories available destination designs to create your customised travel photo prints Wall Art. Check out the many destinations available.

At VMWK it’s so easy to order your customised photo prints – read below for more detailed info on how to order your MY TRAVEL PHOTO wall art!


It’s so easy to do! First there’s a few choices to make…

  1. Choose your material (3 options) 
  2. Choose your size (2 options) & 
  3. Choose how many blocks/pieces you would like to order (min of 6, max of however many can fit on your wall!) and add to cart! You will be required to provide 3-5 photos per individual My Travel Photo block that you order.
  4. To order your blocks you will need to select the option MY TRAVEL PHOTO (single block) from the MY TRAVEL PHOTOS drop down menu. These are the individual photo blocks that will feature your travel photos (to be uploaded after order is complete). 
  5. Choose the quantity of single blocks you would like to order with the Qty button located below checklist.
  6. To complete your order, you must select your choice of destination/s from the checklist. Return to the MY TRAVEL PHOTOS drop down menu and select the option VISUAL MEMORIES TRAVEL PHOTO (Select from checklist below). Click on the destination you would like to add to cart. 
  7. After your order is complete, simply upload your photos using our Photo Upload link and answer a few simple questions in our Design Brief (more detail below!). Both our Photo Upload link and Design Brief are available under our Help menu on our website. Then sit back and relax while we do all the hard work!

There are 2 sizes available:   


All our wall art prints in our ready to hang Wall Art Sets and in our Design Your Own range are available in a choice of 3 materials – PVC, Metal and Al-Core.  


PVC wall art prints are versatile, lightweight and have extremely low moisture absorption. UV digital printing processes provide excellent bright whites and vibrant colors with the benefit of anti-fade qualities. Add a frameless contemporary look to your home or office and instantly modernise your space.

What makes me different? I am……

  • Lightest weight material in the range
  • Prominent wall profile (10mm) 
  • Low moisture absorption



Our ultra-slim and lightweight metal prints offer a long lasting, vibrant finish for the ultimate minimalistic style. Colors pop when skillfully infused into the surface using UV printing technology, giving the images a mesmerising luminescence. With sleek, polished edges, metal prints are perfect for that urban, chic look and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

What makes me different? I am……

  • Light weight 
  • Ultra-slim profile (1mm) to sit flush against the wall 
  • Rounded corner for smooth finish 



Al-Core wall art prints feature a subtle textured look on a smooth matte surface for a deep rich color. Beautifully finished and professionally mounted onto silver backing, they are fade-proof and water resistant. Al-Core blocks are printed with UV digital technology in a 6 color ink process and contain an aluminum composite core. They offer a sophisticated presence on your wall and will complement any home or office environment.   

What makes me different? I am……

  • Mid-weight 
  • Mid-range profile (4mm) against the wall 
  • Long-lasting qualities (fade-proof and water resistant)

HOW DO WE GET TO KNOW YOU? With our design brief!

After you have placed an order, we work closely with you to get to know your personality and style by asking you to complete our Photo Wall Design Brief. It doesn’t take long, and it is easy to complete online! It provides us an invaluable insight into your family and your theme for your order. It also helps us learn your color preferences and design styles, so that our design team can better understand your family and the placement of your wall art. Ultimately, this will help us know how to best capture your memories (and it’s a fun little exercise!). 

The Brief also gives you the chance to make special requests or let us know specific details of what you would like included in your perfect design. (Of course, you can always contact us via email or on our social media if you have any questions!). Once completed our design team take all this
knowledge, your photos, and your product choices, and get to work designing your perfect keepsake. We liaise with you constantly throughout the process, and once a final layout is complete, you’re given the opportunity to make any minor adjustment you like (if any of course!) before approving your Wall Art.

It’s this level of service and pride in your finished product that separate us from the abundant drop & drag programs you can find online! Protect your memories with the respect they deserve at VMWK!


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