February 11, 2021

Talk to any interior designer and they’ll tell you the importance of using wall art to decorate your home and personal spaces. Too often art is considered as an afterthought but, if chosen thoughtfully, wall art can really elevate a room to “wow” status! Wall art can provide that all important focal point to draw the eye and even inspire a color palette to set the tone of the room or how it feels. Whether it’s a single piece above the master bed or a gallery wall in the living area, wall art brings visual weight to your spaces and can become a fascinating talking point. But, most importantly, wall art will complete the look of the room and create a sense of integrity. Interior designers contend that wall art is to a room what lipstick is to a flawless outfit…. the perfect finishing touch! And we agree! It’s important to choose art that you love or that holds a special meaning to you (after all, you will be looking at it day in and day out for some time!). So, go for themes that inspire you or your passions - travel, family, landscapes, favorite places, abstract forms, treasured moments in time – the options are endless! While it’s a great idea to choose art that “speaks” to you and your style or the feeling you would like to set for the room, size is also of vital consideration. Wall art that is too small will be dominated by the surrounding furniture and wall art that is too big will drown out any other features of the room (check out our “7 easy steps for how to hang your Wall Art” blog under our Get Inspired menu).  

What kind of wall art do we offer?



Our My Family Photos range (in the Design Your Own Photo Wall section) is based on your personal photos (with some VMWK flair added to create a personal artwork) and is made to order exclusively for your memories! 


Choose from our professionally designed Wall Sets. They feature a variety of ready to hang, unique artworks covering an extensive range of interesting topics and styles. Browse through our galley of available artworks and you’re sure to find something to suit your style or personal tastes! Want to know more? For more information on available sizes, materials and ordering details, read on….


There are 2 sizes available:   


All our wall art prints in our ready to hang Wall Art Sets and in our Design Your Own range are available in a choice of 3 materials – PVC, Metal and Al-Core. 


PVC wall art prints are versatile, lightweight and have extremely low moisture absorption. UV digital printing processes provide excellent bright whites and vibrant colors with the benefit of anti-fade qualities. Add a frameless contemporary look to your home or office and instantly modernise your space.

What makes me different? I am……

  • Lightest weight material in the range
  • Prominent wall profile (10mm) 
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Block prices start from $15


Our ultra-slim and lightweight metal prints offer a long lasting, vibrant finish for the ultimate minimalistic style. Colors pop when skillfully infused into the surface using UV printing technology, giving the images a mesmerising luminescence. With sleek, polished edges, metal prints are perfect for that urban, chic look and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

What makes me different? I am……

  • Light weight 
  • Ultra-slim profile (1mm) to sit flush against the wall 
  • Rounded corner for smooth finish 
  • Block prices start from $20


Al-Core wall art prints feature a subtle textured look on a smooth matte surface for a deep rich color. Beautifully finished and professionally mounted onto silver backing, they are fade-proof and water resistant. Al-Core blocks are printed with UV digital technology in a 6 color ink process and contain an aluminum composite core. They offer a sophisticated presence on your wall and will complement any home or office environment.   

What makes me different? I am……

  • Mid-weight 
  • Mid-range profile (4mm) against the wall 
  • Long-lasting qualities (fade-proof and water resistant)
  • Block prices start from $20


We’ve already learnt the impact that art can have on our interior spaces. And there’s no better place than the walls to infuse a bit of your personality and add a little excitement into your rooms — be creative and bring drama into your space! 

Could your home benefit from a beautiful artwork right now? From family areas to bedroom walls and office spaces, VMWK have just the set for you! Our Wall Art Sets are ready to hang multi-piece collages that have been professionally designed by our team of expert designers! With a wide range of subject matter and styles, you’re sure to find a set you love. From beautiful architecture, to abstract images, nature, typography and color focused sets, there is something for all tastes and to suit all spaces. Highlighting brilliant colors and minimalist modern interior accents, your artwork will resist fading and remain beautiful over time. The beauty of a multi-piece artwork is the flexibility it offers to display it tailored to your space! Play around with each piece for the perfect contemporary look for your home or office. 

Artworks are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. 

Get exploring now!




Personalised wall art can really bring a sense of togetherness to your home. Celebrate the love and special moments of your life by highlighting your treasured family memories forever – not to mention, the opportunity for creativity and experimentation is endless! And the best part about custom wall art is that it can evolve and change over time! You can switch it up, and play around with size, scale, color and placement until you find a look that works for you and your home. You can also add to it over time! Keep building your photo wall art as your children grow and as your family memories develop over the years!


At VMWK it’s so easy to order your customised photo prints – just three quick decisions to make. Simply style it (check out our style descriptions below), upload your photos, then hang it (ok, there’s a bit more to it than that but more on how easy it is to order below too!). To best complement your home, your photos and your style, its best to focus on a cohesive narrative which “tells the story” of your personal photos or select a specific theme. There are so many options here…. family members (both immediate and extended), kids, birthday milestones, anniversaries, wedding, special occasions, travel adventures…... the sky is the limit! 

Get the family involved in choosing your favorite photos! And don’t forget, we can always be reached by email at support@visualmemories.net or via our socials if you have any questions! We would love to hear from you and are always happy to offer our design expertise!


At VMWK we have 5 design styles to choose from when ordering your custom wall art prints each with its own requirement for quantity of photos required.

(one photo per individual block required)

Using a combination of high contrast black & white images with full color, vivid images forms a focal point to draw the viewers eyes in the creation of one harmonious mosaic artwork.

(3-5 photos per individual block required)

Beautiful layered design creates a visually stimulating piece of artwork fluently merging high contrast black and white, vibrant color, opacity manipulation, thoughtful negative space and refined use of balance.

(3-5 photos per individual block required)

Incorporate the added visual focus of graphic elements into your customized collection. Using a combination of your images with the Elements of design; color, line, shape, tone, texture or letter form, you can personalize your artwork to reflect your style.


(3-5 photos per individual block required)

Vivid color representations highlight focal objects within a multi-piece artwork with the use of natural or transformed hues balanced alongside high contrast black & white.

(3-5 photos per individual block required)

A distinctive genre of art characterized by an interest in popular culture. Striking pops of color and an imaginative interpretation of your favorite image, be it an everyday item, object or person, fashions an ultra-modern, contemporary look for your space.


Simple steps to transform your wall space 

Detailed information can be found in our blog 7 EASY STEPS FOR HOW TO HANG YOUR PHOTO WALL ART! 

But ... basically you need to decide on the following:

Where? – You are limited only by your imagination
(and the number of photos you have!)
Take into consideration: 

  • Size (proportion to the space), 
  • Placement (within the room), 
  • Scale (comparison to other items), 
  • Height (comparison to seated or standing viewing), 
  • Layout (symmetry v asymmerty, horizontal v vertical)


How? Step by step!

  • Ensure your wall surface is clean (wipe gently, let completely dry)
  • Measure and find the centre of the wall, both vertical and horizontal direction 
    Hint* place a small mark for reference
  • Decide how much gap you would like between each block.
    We recommend between 0.5cm (0.19 inches) to 1.5cm (0.59 inches). Definitely depends on the wall space available. 
    Hint* The larger the gap the more individual each block will appear.
  • Gather all your equipment. We recommend: all your photo blocks (of course), 3M Command stickers, a Level, measuring tape/ruler,
    pencil and perhaps something to use as a guide for your gaps. 
    Hint* a pencil or tile spacer is an easy way to ensure consistency or ... gather someone who is patient, kind and detail orientated to help you!! Or, someone to take photos of you doing this task just for amusement sake, you can then send it to us and support other wall art junkies in their quest for wall art perfection :) 

  • Lay your photo blocks on the floor (image up) in front of the wall where you intend to hang them 
    Hint* keep them in the correct design order.
  • We recommend using the 3M Velcro Picture Hanging strips. Each small strip holds 1.8kg, therefore, weight is not going to be an issue (even the heaviest VM Wall Art block weighs less that 0.5kg). However, we do recommend having 2 x 3M strips for each block, purely for the sake of balance and stability. 
    Hint* remove stickers from the packet and Velcro the two sides of each strip together to form one piece. This will assist you in the next stage. 
  • Flip your photo blocks over to reveal the back side. At VM we have found that placing one strip on the 1/8 mark and another at the 7/8 mark of the block gives the most stability when adhered to the wall.
    3M Command recommend having the pull slip in a vertical position facing down (for easy removal). We haven’t found that to be an issue, as pulling the slip in a horizontal direction is just as easy, but we leave that to your own discretion. 

  • Peel the backing sheet off the sticker and start placing your first block in the middle of the wall design. Continue by moving either side until one row is completed, then move onto the next row, above and below as required for your design.
    Hint* use the Level and ruler as much as possible (especially while securing the first row. Precision here will ensure a straight outcome.

Super handy hint*
A great tip to keep in mind is to use waxed dental floss or fishing line to ‘saw’ through (between the wall and the strip) if the tab has been snapped off or strip cannot be stretched flat to the wall when removing. Prising or pulling at the strip forwards or at an angle can cause damage to walls and paint.

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