Custom Design. High Quality Products. Latest Technology. Created exclusively for your memories.

Why should you choose Visual Memories? Easy! We work closely with our clients and listen to your needs to create a unique, custom designed Wall Art prints and Photobooks exclusively for your memories. 

Here at VMWK, we offer great quality products using superior printing technologies. Our Wall products are printed with UV digital printing processes which provide excellent bright whites and vibrant colours with the benefit of anti-fade qualities.

How is this different from traditional printing?

With traditional printing, inks often absorb into the surface of the printing material while they dry and lose a little of their vibrancy. UV inks are superior quality inks that are exposed to LED lights after printing so that they dry immediately and don’t absorb. The result is more vivid colors and greater detailing in the print. With improved gloss finish and better scratch resistance, the finish product is stronger and more durable and less likely to fade. Add to that, the technology is environmentally friendly with an almost zero carbon footprint.


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