Congratulations for choosing a beautiful Visual Memories custom designed Photo Book and/or Wall Art!!      

We recommend careful consideration of our photo upload guidelines so we can create your stunning products in a timely manner.

How do I organise my photos for you? 
Photo Book
It is recommended your images be sorted into specific named photo folders in your files, prior to uploading, to assist us in sequencing and designing your page layouts. For example, if your photo book will feature a vacation you experienced, sequence your folders by day or your travel itinerary so that we can design your book to flow with your event.  
Wall Art Prints
No need to organise or separate the photos, unless you want to specify a particular favourite you want highlighted. One folder is fine. 

When your folders are organised in your preferred sequence, they need to be zipped for uploading. But have no fear - creating zipped files is a simple task, which we'll explain here:

For Windows:
Locate the file or folder that you want to zip.
Right-click on the file or folder, select 'Send to', and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.
A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location. To rename it, right-click the folder, select Rename, and then type the new name.

For a Mac:
Locate the items to zip in the Mac Finder (file system)
Control click on a file, folder, or files you want to zip.
Select “Compress Items”
Find the newly created .zip archive in the same directory.

How do I upload my photos to you?
We have an easy upload link available below and on our website in the help menu. This link will direct you seamlessly to WeTransfer, a free application which allows you to conveniently share multiple, large files with Visual Memories. There is no need to download the application and the transfer can be done in your own time, at your own convenience. Just click this Photo Upload Link button which then allows you to drag in your photos/zipped files. Simply click on your files and select the ones you'd like to upload. You can click the Add files button as often as you want. Then add in your email address and click send. Done! We will then begin working on your customised designs as soon as we receive your upload.

Please note depending on the number and size of images/files you are sending, and the available speed of your internet connection, the transfer time can sometimes be quite lengthy. No worries, have a cup of coffee, lunch, pick up the kids, take a nap... while your computer does all the hard work!

What size and format should my photos be in?
Photos need to be in JPEG format. While .png files are accepted, we recommend photos be in .jpg, as the large file sizes of .png may cause the transferring of files to be considerably slower, even with a strong internet connection.

What quality requirements are there for my photos?
We always recommend uploading high-resolution originals which should be several MB in size. The higher the better! Images should be original photos ONLY. Photos cannot be ‘copied’ from social media sites, as they are compressed, automatically resized and formatted once posted. Your memories deserve better! They will not reproduce to meet Visual Memories standards. For best print quality, photo’s should be at least 2MB. The maximum file size you can upload is 20MB per individual photo.

How many photos can I upload at one time and how long will it take?
The upload speed depends on your internet connection and the size of the photos/folders you're sending us. We can accept them just about as fast as you can send them. It's fine to leave the upload running in the background (or even overnight), just make sure your computer is not set to go into sleep mode (for instructions on how to prevent your computer going to sleep, check our FAQ’s page!)

Can I make special requests for particular photos or files?
Absolutely!!! We are very open to your thoughts and insights and if you have specific requirements for how any of your particular images will be displayed, you will have a chance to detail these in the Design Brief questionnaire. This will be emailed to you after your customized product purchase or available for download, so that we can do our best to make your memories perfect for you!

How do I prevent my computer from going to sleep?
If your computer is set to go to "sleep" after a few minutes of inactivity, this will interrupt your upload. You can learn how to undo this below:

PC - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/sleep-and-hibernation-frequently-asked-questions

MAC - https://support.apple.com/kb/PH13808?locale=en_US 

Can I see my book/wall design prior to printing?
We provide one complimentary viewing per customised Memory Book or Wall Collection prior to printing. 

For further answers to your questions, please check our FAQ’s

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