• China offers a mysterious and captivating travel destination and attracts visitors for many reasons; its rich history and ancient dynasties, its vast size and amazing cities, and for an abundance of natural beauty and mythical landscapes. Nothing quite prepares you for the incredibly diverse enigma that is China! Choose your favorite China set from our two distinctive styles.

    China Contrasts
    The duality of life in China is evident in the striking contrasts - from its thriving cities which sit alongside rural and coastal towns, to ultra-modern development amid ancient eastern architecture, and rapid advancement versus ageless tradition. Celebrate the duality of this magnificent country with China Contrasts, highlighted by the contrast of vibrant full-color images merged with the serenity of black and white. Available in Standard sets of 9 and 16 pieces. All variations are available in Al-Core, PVC and Metal.

    Everyday China
    The Chinese are very friendly people and a lot of daily life takes place in public. Strangers gather in the park for morning tai chi, or simply find a quiet spot perched high above the cliffs to paint together. Sharing a meal with each other outside of the home is as cheap and cheerful as it is commonplace.  Services are performed quickly and quietly on the sidewalk, be it the mending of shoes or getting your hair cut. Perhaps even catching a snooze in the morning sun while the chaotic traffic passes by. This is Everyday China. In a beautiful illustrative style, Everyday China is available in Standard sets of 9 and 16 pieces. All variations are available in Al-Core, PVC and Metal.

    China Contrasts and Everyday China Sets are available in Standard sets of 9 and 16 pieces. All variations are available in Al-Core, PVC and Acrylic.
  • Visual Memories Al-Core Art

    UV digital printing technology with a 6 colour ink process provides a smooth matte surface for a deep rich colour

    What am I? I am……
    Mid-range profile (4mm, 0.16") against the wall
    Long-lasting qualities (fade-proof and water resistant)

    For a full product description click here

    Visual Memories PVC Art

    UV digital printing processes provide excellent bright whites and vibrant colours with the benefit of anti-fade qualities.

    What am I? I am……
    Lightest weight material in the range
    Prominent wall profile (10mm, 0.4") against the wall
    Low moisture absorption

    For a full product description click here

    Visual Memories Acrylic Art

    The latest in UV digital printing methods provides a translucent look with a glass-like appearance.

    What am I? I am……
    Mid-range profile (5mm, 0.2") against the wall 
    Translucent and glass-like appearance

    For a full product description click here

    All materials are available in 20cm x 20cm & custom sizes (email for quote)

  • Do you love this spectacular Visual Memories Collection?
    Make it yours forever! Here’s how…

    1. Select  your Collection layout - Standard
    2. Select  your preferred material – Al-Core, PVC and Acrylic
    3. Select quantity for pricing. When you have the perfect selection, simply add it to your cart!
    4. Continue shopping with us until your cart is overflowing (why not add another set or a customised Photo Book!) then proceed to Checkout.
    5. After payment of your cart contents has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Please check this carefully and contact us on if you have any further questions.
    6. Then sit back, relax and plan where you will be displaying your Memory Wall Set, while we get to work creating your order!
Size Guide
SET SIZE Block size Quantity
12 20cm x 20cm (7.8") 3
15cm x 15cm (6") 4
10cm x 10cm (0.4") 5
16 20cm x 20cm (7.8") 4
15cm x 15cm (6") 5
10cm x 10cm (0.4") 7
25 20cm x 20cm (7.8") 6
15cm x 15cm (6") 8
10cm x 10cm (0.4") 11
36 20cm x 20cm (7.8") 9
15cm x 15cm (6") 12
10cm x 10cm (0.4") 15

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