• My Family Photos
    Get your family photos off your phone and onto your wall! Visual Memories can transform your digital pics into your very own customised My Family Photos wall art. It's as easy as 1, 2 3…

    1.Choose your preferred options from the drop down menu's (MATERIAL, SIZE and Design Style from the MY FAMILY PHOTOS menu).

    2. Select the quantity (Qty) of individual blocks you would like to purchase. Add to cart and complete your order. Note: you must order a minimum of 6 individual blocks per single transaction.

    3. Then upload your photos using the Photo Upload Link (Further instructions on Photo Upload are provided in the How To? tab) and let Visual Memories create your unique wall decor!

    The number of photos you are required to provide for each individual block ordered will be determined by your choice of design style (listed here). Click the design style links below for more details. 

    IMAGE + CONTRAST (one photo per individual block required)
    IMAGE + LAYERS (3-5 photo per individual block required)
    IMAGE + GRAPHICS (3-5 photos per individual block required)
    IMAGE + HIGHLIGHTS (3-5 photos per individual block required)
    IMAGE + POP (3-5 photos per individual block required)

  • Visual Memories Al-Core Art

    UV digital printing technology with a 6 colour ink process provides a smooth matte surface for a deep rich colour

    What am I? I am……
    Mid-range profile (4mm, 0.16") against the wall
    Long-lasting qualities (fade-proof and water resistant)

    For a full product description click here

    Visual Memories PVC Art

    UV digital printing processes provide excellent bright whites and vibrant colours with the benefit of anti-fade qualities.

    What am I? I am……
    Lightest weight material in the range
    Prominent wall profile (10mm, 0.4") against the wall
    Low moisture absorption

    For a full product description click here

    Visual Memories Acrylic Art

    The latest in UV digital printing methods provides a translucent look with a glass-like appearance.

    What am I? I am……
    Mid-range profile (5mm, 0.2") against the wall 
    Translucent and glass-like appearance

    For a full product description click here

    All materials are available in 20cm x 20cm & custom sizes (email for quote)

  • 1. Select your preferred MATERIAL (PVC, Al-Core or Acrylic) from the drop down menu 

    2. Select your preferred SIZE (20cm x 20cm or email for custom size quote) from the drop down menu

    3. From the MY FAMILY PHOTO drop down menu, select the design style you prefer. Please take note of the photo requirements for each individual design style (listed here). 
    * Not all images provided can/will be used. Please allow for designer discretion. 
    IMAGE + CONTRAST (one photo per individual block required)
    (3-5 photo per individual block required)
    IMAGE + GRAPHICS (3-5 photos per individual block required)
    (3-5 photos per individual block required)
    IMAGE + POP 
    (3-5 photos per individual block required)

    4. Continue shopping with us until your cart is overflowing (why not add another set or a customised Photo Book!) then proceed to Checkout.

    5. After payment of your cart contents has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Please check this carefully and contact us on support@visualmemories.net if you have any further questions.

    6. After checkout is complete, click on the Photo Upload Link for instructions and to access the link to upload your photos to the Visual Memories design team.
    The Photo Upload link is where you will be transferred to our upload service. Simply select your photos and click send, it’s as easy as that! You will receive an email confirmation when your photos have been successfully uploaded at your end and downloaded at ours! We will contact you when a draft pdf of your Wall Set is available for your approval.

    7. Then sit back, relax and plan where you will be displaying your unique My Family Photos wall art set, while we get to work creating your order! At any time, you may choose to purchase additional destination designs, giving you the flexibility to add to your set now, or later the more photos you take!

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